Silver Rein is a body of solo musical work by Ithaca-based singer-songwriter, Sarah Green. Looped electric cello is layered over deep resonant found object beats with powerful sweeping vocals woven throughout. Her work explores loneliness, isolation, and death against the landscape of an old yet familiar world.


Sarah's voice and cello playing have been featured in numerous musical projects, including previous bands: Motherwort, Omega Defender, and The Great Confinement.

[Silver Rein] makes indescribably epic music, reminiscent of Dead Can Dance...not just music but an almost religious emotional experience that grabs a hold of your soul and refuses to let go for days afterwards.” - Youngiee Quennell of Ithaca's farm grrrl folk punk band, Motherwort
Silver Rein is one of the most unique musical acts in post-pandemic Ithaca.” - Nicole Costa, local artist and DJ @Obvious Objects
. . . a powerful woman with a presence--but none quite has all that she has . . . ” - Kate Leboff, Production Coordinator at Cornell University Press