Tether: NEW RELEASE on April 28th

Good morning beautiful people,

This last month positively flew by. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was setting The Grave loose, but the time has come to announce another single release: Tether. The release date is set for APRIL 28thTether is about the inescapable interconnectedness of us all; the poor and the rich, the human and the beast. The song repeats and circles around itself, much like its subjects.

I wrote Tether in August of 2022, on a day when my Covid symptoms had briefly eased up. I spent all day in my 40 square foot practice studio creating the beat sounds with my mouth and recording it onto my Boss RC-600 loop station. I then added layers of bowed and plucked cello. On that same day, I recorded an experimental music video with the help of my partner, a smart phone, and some minimalist lighting. I wrote the lyrics a few weeks later, as I often don't know the meaning of a song until I'm swept away by its melody. Not long ago, I finished the recording with New Vine Records, and now I anticipate its official release next month. I hope you find it as compelling as I do.

Scroll up on the home page to listen to Tether. It will be available on other major streaming platforms and at silverrein.bandcamp.com

After my show on March 27th at the Downstairs with Lora Pendleton, I will be taking a brief hiatus from playing shows till at least mid-May, but you can believe that I will be back with greater force upon my return. In the meantime, enjoy!


Watch the OG Tether Video at the bottom of this page.

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