Home Again

One month ago, I left my home country to travel around France, England, Scotland. A trip for pleasure and inspiration, for connecting with even deeper family roots. Is it strange that I'm experiencing culture shock upon my return? 

I've learned many things through my travels, not only from this trip, as epic as it was. Home is people. It doesn't seem to matter where I am as much as it matters who I am with. This is not to negate that comforting feeling of driving down a familiar road or sleeping in sheets that smell like you slept in them the night before. 

We spent so much time with people we loved there that we almost forgot we were so far away. 

I'm happy to be back, ready to pick up where I left off, overjoyed to connect with you all again and with new music in process. If you have read this far, you make this place home for me. 💜

***Stay tuned for upcoming summer shows***

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