Upstairs, Downstairs

Upstairs, Downstairs. No, not the BBC drama. As another year comes to an end, I look forward to what is around the bend. More live performances, singles releases, new merch to share. On January 11th, the day before my birthday, I will be opening the night for the Motherwort EP release show at the Upstairs. January 16th, I will be performing at the Downstairs. If you aren't familiar with either venue, they are not related, but are around the corner from each other. 

I'm working on a new song or two before then, but songs are not easy to write sometimes. My latest song, Letting Go, I finished a few weeks ago. It's a song about adopting one another in life. Late at night, when I should be sleeping; I often think about the inevitable death of my parents. My loved ones. In these moments, I am filled with intense fear and sadness. I wrote this song to remind myself that loved ones are all around me; and even when cherished folks in my life pass on, I take comfort in knowing that others are there to adopt me, and I them. 

When I play this song for all of you, I hope you find even more layers of meaning. Last month, La Llorona joined me on stage to play the song for the first time, and a few tears crept into my eyes. I hope music always affects me and that I can continue to write about the real stuff. See you out there in the world. We are not alone.

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